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Year 6 to 7 transition

Year 6 to 7 transition. We are a hard-working and ambitious school. We demand a great deal of ourselves and of each other. It is because of this that we have raised standards so significantly in such a short space of time to be judged a good school with outstanding leadership and management. (October 2013).


Gifted And Talented In PE

Gifted And Talented Register

Year 8

Samantha Beatwell – Trampolining (Gifted)

Holly Cairney – Football (Gifted)

Elaine Cimatu – Football (Gifted)

Ashanti Gordan- Athletics (Gifted)

Ellie Sammons – Netball (Gifted)

Lewis Franklin- Football (Gifted)

Callum Cawsey- Tennis (Gifted)

Maliki Ellis – Talented

Andre McCalla – Talented

Shaun Curtis – Talented



Year 9

Ella Teakle – Talented

Olivia Simpkins – Talented

Tashana Gregory Baily – Talented

Alexia Markland – Talented

Tanya Mashiri – Talented

Rhea Seymour -Talented

Chelsea Ubah – Talented

Shane Weaver – Talented

Antonio Khan – Running (Gifted)

Jordan Fadoju – Talented

Harry Atkin – Badminton (Gifted)



Year 10

Ellie Jones – Talented

Niamh Chapman – Talented

Abbie McGrath – Talented

Adeoluwatpmilola Ogunleye-  Talented

Lauren Prior – Swimming (Gifted)

Nicola Rawstone – Trampolining (Gifted)

Luqmaan Shah – Talented

Luke Cheshire – Talented

Tyreece Ellis – Talented

Tomiwar Sanniowo – Talented

Danny Cain – Trampolining (Gifted)



Year 11

Yusouf Al-Fateh –  Talented

Lauren Bater – Talented

Ryan Bull – Rugby (Gifted)

Max Gaitely – Talented

Sasha Leonce – Talented

Gulain Lusambya – Talented

Jake Simpkins – Talented

Daisy Slowey – Football (Gifted)

Bradley Hannon – Athletics (Gifted)

Connor Underwood – Talented


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Support Staff

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