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Year 6 to 7 transition

Year 6 to 7 transition. We are a hard-working and ambitious school. We demand a great deal of ourselves and of each other. It is because of this that we have raised standards so significantly in such a short space of time to be judged a good school with outstanding leadership and management. (October 2013).


Gifted And Talented In PE

Gifted And Talented Register

Year 8

Samantha Beatwell – Trampolining (Gifted)

Holly Cairney – Football (Gifted)

Elaine Cimatu – Football (Gifted)

Ashanti Gordan- Athletics (Gifted)

Ellie Sammons – Netball (Gifted)

Lewis Franklin- Football (Gifted)

Callum Cawsey- Tennis (Gifted)

Maliki Ellis – Talented

Andre McCalla – Talented

Shaun Curtis – Talented



Year 9

Ella Teakle – Talented

Olivia Simpkins – Talented

Tashana Gregory Baily – Talented

Alexia Markland – Talented

Tanya Mashiri – Talented

Rhea Seymour -Talented

Chelsea Ubah – Talented

Shane Weaver – Talented

Antonio Khan – Running (Gifted)

Jordan Fadoju – Talented

Harry Atkin – Badminton (Gifted)



Year 10

Ellie Jones – Talented

Niamh Chapman – Talented

Abbie McGrath – Talented

Adeoluwatpmilola Ogunleye-  Talented

Lauren Prior – Swimming (Gifted)

Nicola Rawstone – Trampolining (Gifted)

Luqmaan Shah – Talented

Luke Cheshire – Talented

Tyreece Ellis – Talented

Tomiwar Sanniowo – Talented

Danny Cain – Trampolining (Gifted)



Year 11

Yusouf Al-Fateh –  Talented

Lauren Bater – Talented

Ryan Bull – Rugby (Gifted)

Max Gaitely – Talented

Sasha Leonce – Talented

Gulain Lusambya – Talented

Jake Simpkins – Talented

Daisy Slowey – Football (Gifted)

Bradley Hannon – Athletics (Gifted)

Connor Underwood – Talented


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Student Performances

Ashcroft holds various Student Performances. In November 2013 a talented cast of Ashcroft students from all year groups delivered an outstanding performance of Fame, the musical. New stars of the stage were born and seasoned performers lived up to their well-earned reputations.