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Student Performances

Ashcroft holds various Student Performances. In November 2013 a talented cast of Ashcroft students from all year groups delivered an outstanding performance of Fame, the musical. New stars of the stage were born and seasoned performers lived up to their well-earned reputations.

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An E-learning package

Click here to access SAM LEARNING

SAM LEARNING is an e-learning package that can improve and accelerate academic performance in all subjects that are covered at all levels.

The package allows students to:

  • Revise sections and topics, which are automatically marked.
  • Complete timed test questions which are self marked using the mark scheme provided.
  • Complete timed exam style questions in an examination context.

It has been proven that by completing 10 hours of Sam LEARNING in any one subject it will improve  test and exam results by one grade.  SAM LEARNING is available at home as well as in school. simply click on the link and then log on using the following three details:

Centre ID LU2 AH2
Username: Date of birth by two initials; first then last name.Example; 01885DJ is the user ID for David Jones born 1st Aug 1985
Password: Initially the same as User ID, Learners are encouraged to change the password to something difficult to guess or work out.

N.B. At the start of each academic year all students will need to log on as shown above before changing the password to one of their choice.


On this page you can view Ashcroft's latest GCSE results