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Sexual exploitation

As your child starts secondary school, they are likely to enjoy more freedom than at any time in their childhood. Whilst this is an important part of growing up, you will be aware that as a parent you need to help them to enjoy this increasing sense of freedom in a safe manner. Adolescence is a time of change for your child as they explore new relationships and develop a wider social circle, so it can be difficult at times to tell the difference between typical teenage behaviour and warning signs that they may be getting involved in an unsafe relationship. Knowing the signs to look for can help you prevent your child entering an unsafe relationship, intervene early if they are vulnerable, and get the right help. This guide is intended to offer you some straightforward information and advice on how to keep your child safe from such relationships.



Letter from the Chair of the Governing Body

Choosing a secondary school is a big decision and one which you will not take without careful consideration. We would like to have the opportunity of working in partnership with you to ensure that your child’s educational journey is a happy and successful one.

We are passionate about learning and the success of all young people. Ms Austin, her staff and governors are committed to making sure your child enjoys school and achieves their personal best, both within and beyond the classroom.

As well as aiming for academic success we prepare our young people for a rapidly changing world so they are able to contribute to society and to the wider world as responsible citizens.

We hope that you will join our community by choosing Ashcroft for your child.

Chair of Governors
Mrs Edghill
Vice Chair of Governors
Mrs  Hart
Community Governors
Mrs  Edghill
Mrs Hart
Ms Taylor-Smith
Local Authority Governor
 Terry Keens
Parent Governors
Mrs Bleaney
Mrs James
Partnership Governors
Mrs Ahmed
Staff Governors
Ms Austin
Mrs Tahir
Headteacher’s PA
Mrs Lennon
Business Manager
Mrs Ellins
Clerk to Governors
Mrs Davis


Student Performances

Ashcroft holds various Student Performances. In November 2013 a talented cast of Ashcroft students from all year groups delivered an outstanding performance of Fame, the musical. New stars of the stage were born and seasoned performers lived up to their well-earned reputations.