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Term Dates

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Parent Evening

House Parent Evening

Parent evenings are an opportunity to meet with your child’s subject teachers and/or house parents (Formerly known as tutors). You will find out how well your child is progressing and what they need to do to make even better progress. You are the expert on your child. We will be keen to learn from you how best to support your child’s development in school.


Year 7 Parent evening

27th September 2016

  • Year: 7
  • Time: 4-5pm


Subject / House Parent Evenings

Autumn Term

18th October 2016

  • Year: 11
  • Time: 4.30-7pm


8th November 2016

  • Year: 10
  • Time: 4.30-7pm


15th November 2016

  • Year: 9
  • Time: 4.30-7pm


29th November 2016

  • Year: 8
  • Time: 4.30-7pm


Spring Term

10th January 2017

  • Year: 7
  • Time: 4.30-7pm


24th January 2017

  • Year: 11
  • Time: 4.30-7pm



Headteacher’s Message

As Ashcroft High School's Headteacher I am fortunate to be part of the Ashcroft Family, a community of committed and talented staff, students and governors. In October 2013, the school was judged as a good, with "outstanding" leadership and management.