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If you were a student at Ashcroft High School, please sign up to our network of former students! Ashcroft High School is working with Future First to help us reconnect with our fantastic former students. Former students like you can be inspiring, relatable role models with a wealth of experience and advice to share with our current students. There will be opportunities to educate, inform and inspire current students about life after school. Put simply: if you can do it, so can they! Future First is a charity that helps schools like ours reconnect with our former students. After signing up, you’ll receive occasional updates from the school with news and opportunities to get involved in supporting the students following in your footsteps (and we promise never to share your contact details with anyone else). If you are a former Ashcroft High School student, please click the link to sign up and support and inspire the students following in your footsteps! Sign up here:


Our Vision, Values and Aims

At Ashcroft High School we value people and learning above all.


At Ashcroft High School we value people and learning above all.  Our work is guided by the belief that every child matters and has something unique to offer.  We believe that individuals achieve more in an environment that sets high standards and demands their personal best.  In a rapidly changing world we believe the values we promote must be enduring and provide the foundations for individual and collective success.


As a group of staff and governors we aim to develop a community of individuals who aim high in all they do and view themselves as lifelong learners.

We are committed to working in partnership with parents, governors and external communities to develop skills and attitudes that will enable our students to succeed in their personal and professional lives.

Our students will:

  • Value learning and personal growth
  • Show respect for themselves
  • Treat others with respect
  • Benefit from high quality teaching and support
  • Develop independence and self-reliance
  • Have the ability to work positively with others, from a wide range of backgrounds
  • Be able to make moral choices based on a sense of right and wrong
  • Expect to achieve through hard work and application
  • Develop the ability to take on responsibility and lead others
  • Benefit from the opportunities within school and across Campus Luton

As staff, we will:

  • Value learning and personal growth
  • Value each other in a fair and equal manner
  • Model the respect, high standards and endeavour that we wish to see in our students
  • Provide students with high quality teaching and support
  • Consistently demand the highest standards from students and from ourselves
  • Refuse to allow students to fail
  • Model the values and morals that guide our work
  • Work in collaboration with colleagues across Campus Luton to widen the learning opportunities for all Luton students


‘A learning community driven by high expectations and respect for all’.

House Teams

This page is the house teams. The school is made up of four different houses all named after four famous people. Faraday, Holmes, Rowling and Shackleton