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Welcome to Ashcroft High School


Through our culture and ethos we work very hard to produce an environment that is supportive and where everyone feels safe. However, we realise that bullying does take place. We are ever-vigilant and will respond swiftly, carefully and thoroughly to address any issue that comes to light. We have a well-developed anti—bullying policy which the school will follow when bullying incidents occur.


School Council

The student council provides Ashcroft students with a voice in the running of the school.

What is the Ashcroft Student Council? Participation in the Ashcroft Student Council promotes responsibility, civic pride and school spirit. The Student Council is a group of elected students in years 7-11, working under the direction of Mr Isnat (Assistant headteacher and house development). They work together to:

  • Engage students in improving the school
  • Plan and conduct activities that build school pride and spirit
  • Help provide a positive school experience for everyone
  • Promote citizenship and an understanding of the democratic process
  • Help others in our community and in other countries
  • Devlop student leadership skills



Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team