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Welcome to Ashcroft High School


At Ashcroft High School we pride ourselves on celebrating and promoting our diverse community with its many different ethnicities and religions. Furthermore we work hard to promote British Values through our curriculum, assemblies, house group time and enrichment activities. These values (as defined by the Government) are: democracy the rule of law individual liberty mutual respect tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs


School Council

The student council provides Ashcroft students with a voice in the running of the school.

What is the Ashcroft Student Council? Participation in the Ashcroft Student Council promotes responsibility, civic pride and school spirit. The Student Council is a group of elected students in years 7-11, working under the direction of Mr Isnat (Assistant headteacher and house development). They work together to:

  • Engage students in improving the school
  • Plan and conduct activities that build school pride and spirit
  • Help provide a positive school experience for everyone
  • Promote citizenship and an understanding of the democratic process
  • Help others in our community and in other countries
  • Devlop student leadership skills

 Executive Members


House Group Name of Rep House Group Name of Rep
F1 Connor Mullane H1 Patrik Tandari
F2 Yassmina Dahmani H2 Zoya Imran
F3 Alex Taylor H3 James Forde Lewis
F4 Mary Hya Dje Sarasin H4 Bradley McHugh
F5 Fatou Lobba H5 Loubna El Asri
F6 Zoya Khan H6 Dean Kemp
F7 Ethan Jell H7 Nishakya Mandaduwa Acharige
F8 Lilly Jeffcoate H8 Billal Derbal
F9 Lewis Jenkins H9 Ayuub Mohammed
F10 Arjan Bedi H10 Orla Henderson
F11 JAmadea Topalli H11 Hassan Jeizan
F12 Morgan Allen H12 Daniel Hunt
House Group Name of Rep House Group Name of Rep
R1 Kayleigh Mwaka S1 Justin Nassereddine
R2 Luke Cheshire S2 Tia Sinfield
R3 Lewis Franklin S3 Stewart Smith
R4 Yathavan Srikumaran S4 Holly Douglas
R5 Jakub Wojtaczka S5 Esmeralda Krasniqi
R6 Amber Cootes S6 Alex Grant
R7 Alex Hines S7 Raldi Mujsaku
R8 Nadia Husain S8 Joana Mujsaku
R9 Stephen Avis S9 Paris Bailey
R10 Patrycja Lentowicz S10 Kacper Kulaga
R11 Matthew  Williams S11 Elaine Cimatu
R12 Sean Robertson S12 Jouvele Lawrence


Prom 2014

Here you can view Ashcroft High School Prom 2014 photos