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GCSE Exams Timetable

GCSE Exams Timetable


Teaching Staff

Our excellent teachers

Mr Abedin Media Teacher
Mrs Ahmed Trainee English Teacher
Mrs Ali Abbas Subject Leader – Maths
Ms Austin Headteacher
Mr Bareggi Maths Teacher
Miss Billa Unq Maths Teacher
Miss Birch Subject Leader-English
Mr Boyd Maths Teacher
Miss Brazier English Teacher
Mr Campbell English Teacher
Mr Chabata Maths Teacher
Mrs Chapman Science Teacher
Mr Clark PE Teacher
Mrs Clarke Deputy Headteacher
Miss Clayton Subject Leader-PE
Mrs Cole Subject Leader – Science
Miss Cooke Subject Leader – RE
Miss Crawford Subject Leader-Dance
Ms D’Intino History Teacher
Ms Dovey Subject Leader-Art
Ms Dzenite French Teacher
Ms Foote English Teacher
Miss Freebourne Maths Teacher
Ms Galiana Maths Teacher
Miss Gill Subject Leader-Geography
Ms Giraldez French Teacher
Ms Goode Subject Leader-Music
Mr Gould PE Teacher
Mr Grossett History Teacher
Mrs Habashanti Food Technology Teacher
Mr Haldar Computer Science Teacher
Ms Hernandez Spanish Teahcer
Mr Isnat Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Jezierska-Kotze EAL Teacher
Miss John ICT Teacher
Mrs Jones Maths Teacher
Mr Jones RS Teacher
Mr  Kazim EAL Teacher
Ms Kerry English Teacher
Miss Kennedy Technology Teacher
Ms Lazar English Teacher
Miss Lynch English Teacher
Mrs Lynch Assistant Headteacher
Mr McBride Subject Leader-History
Mrs McDonald Subject Leader-Drama
Ms McMorrow Art Teacher
Mrs Mehrtens Food Technology Teacher
Ms Mills Geography Teacher
Mr Mitcherson Assistant Headteacher
Mr Mohyuddin Subject Leader – IT
Ms Morris -Nedjati Geography/MFL Teacher
Mrs  Naser Eddin Science Teacher
Mrs Nna English Teacher
Mrs Noble English Teacher
Mr Oughton Deputy Headteacher
Ms Outram-Rees Science Teacher
Miss Owen Science Teacher
Mr Page Science Teacher
Mr Parsons Maths Teacher
Mrs Paul Deputy Headteacher
Mr Pietruch EAL Teacher
Miss Pooley PE Teacher
Mrs Potter Maths Teacher
Mrs Renfrew Geography Teacher
Dr Roy Science Teacher
Miss Saenz-Carrero Subject Leader- MFL
Ms Sainz-Rozas MFL Teacher
Miss Scott Maths Teacher
Mrs Shah Subject Leader-Technology
Ms Sheppard English Teacher
Mrs Suffling SENCO
Mrs Tahir English Teacher
Mr Takyi-Amuah Science Teacher
Ms Taylor Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Thomas Maths Teacher
Miss Thomas Drama Teacher
Mrs Turner Assistant Headteacher
Mr Ubah Maths Teacher
Miss Wallen Music Teacher
Miss Williams Dance Teacher
Mr Wymer History Teacher
Ms Yasin Science Teacher

Luton First Teaching School Alliance

Luton First Teaching School Alliance (LFTSA) We are an established cross-phase alliance of fourteen school partners, an intial teacher training provider and the local authority. As our corporate name suggests, we are passionate about the attainment and achievement of the young people of Luton and indeed, throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and beyond.