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Welcome to Ashcroft High School


The governing body of Ashcroft High School. Choosing a secondary school is a big decision and one which you will not take without careful consideration. We would like to have the opportunity of working in partnership with you to ensure that your child’s educational journey is a happy and successful one.


Year 6 to 7 transition

At Ashcroft there is a carefully planned process for helping year 6 pupils to become successful year 7 Ashcroft students.

I do hope that you will be able to come to visit us at Ashcroft High School as you and your child consider the next important stage of education.

Ashcroft organises an official programme of transition:

  • A series of master-classes for year 5 pupils
  • An open evening for year 6 children and parents in October
  • A week of morning visits to lessons in October
  • 2 days at Ashcroft for year 6 pupils who have chosen Ashcroft in July
  • An evening meeting with year 6 parents and children and their Ashcroft tutors.

The school’s prospectus is available from reception or online from the websites home page.  The school is best judged through visiting us and meeting us as staff and students, and by talking to the children and parents in the neighbourhood who form our present community.

We are a hard-working and ambitious school.  We demand a great deal of ourselves and of each other.  It is because of this that we have raised standards so significantly in such a short space of time to be judged a good school with outstanding leadership and management. (October 2013).

We provide opportunities for our students to develop in a wide range of ways; their academic levels, their artistic and performance skills, their sporting abilities and their leadership skills.

That’s because we want our students to leave Ashcroft with an excellent set of exam results and the qualities needed to lead successful professional and personal lives.

Ashcroft has high quality resources, and its most important resource is the staff who care passionately about Ashcroft students and are committed to offering them the best guidance and support.  If you wish to see and hear more, do join us at one of our transition events.  Please contact the school if you wish to make an appointment to attend one of the Open Mornings.

In addition, you are welcome to visit us at any time, by appointment.

Academic Success

This page will show you the 2015 GCSE results