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UCAS Teacher Training

  Important reminders Updating training programmes It is essential you change the status of training programmes which you have set-up and been allocated places for, from ‘New’ to ‘Running’ (


Important reminders

Updating training programmes
It is essential you change the status of training programmes which you have set-up and been allocated places for, from ‘New’ to ‘Running’ 
(in Net.update as shown on p.21 of the UCAS Teacher Training Set Up Guide). Once set to ‘Running’, programmes will be visible on the online search tool the following day.

Please note that if you are setting up training programmes for the first time, we will undertake quality checks which may take up to four days, so there may be a longer delay before your training programmes appear within search tool.

All Entry Profiles are also quality checked by UCAS prior to publication.

Specify Contacts
You must specify contacts within Net.update before the scheme launches on 21 November, otherwise you will not receive the required information from us. You can find out how to specify contacts on pages 12-13 of ouSet Up Guide.

Application management

The launch of the scheme is now less than a week away, so you will need to start preparing to receive applications. We have developed a video to introduce you to the process of managing applications. Please take a look at this prior to the scheme’s launch.

Videos for applicants and referees

We have also produced a number of videos to help applicants through the application process. We suggest you also review these so you can signpost students to them, if they have any questions about the scheme:

Please feel free to share the videos with potential applicants. The easiest way to embed this (or any other) video on your website is to click the ‘Embed Video’ button on the webpage. You will then be able to copy this code into your pages and display the video. If you have any problems embedding the video please contact Paul MacMahon

Notice of planned maintenance

WWe will be undertaking essential system maintenance to UCAS systems in the next few weeks. This means that at the following times you will not be able to access web-link:

  • 18:00 – 23:30 on 20 November
  • 18:00 on 22 November – 08:00 on 25 November
  • 18:00 – 23.30 on 29 November

After the maintenance has been completed on 25 November, web-link will then have access to UTT data and you will be able to start to view and manage applications. UTT Track will be also be made available from 08:00 Monday 25 November.

We will then undertake additional maintenance from 08:00 on Saturday 30 November until 08:00 Monday 2 December. During this period all of the following systems be unavailable:

  • web-link
  • Net.update
  • Apply
  • Track
  • UTT website
  • Emails to and from UCAS (though they will be queued for delivery once service has been restored).

If you have any enquiries please contact the Technical Service Desk on or on 01242 544 683.

Copy forms

Shortly after an applicant applies you will be sent a copy form, containing their application details. View an example copy form.

If you need to get in touch with us:

  • for general guidance on how the scheme works, queries with logging in and support with setting up other users call the HEI Team on 0844 984 1111 or email them at
  • for queries concerning checking and setting up training programmes, call the Data Collection Team on 01242 544 864


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Headteacher’s Message

As Ashcroft High School's Headteacher I am fortunate to be part of the Ashcroft Family, a community of committed and talented staff, students and governors. In October 2013, the school was judged as a good, with "outstanding" leadership and management.