Ashcroft High

House system

House system

The school is organised on a House System; each of the four Houses is led by a House Leadership Team.

The structure breaks down the large school into four ‘mini-schools’ and ensures that no child at Ashcroft is forgotten or overlooked.

Students are assigned to one of the four Houses on entrance to the school in Year 7 and remain in this House until they leave at the end of Year 11. Most students with siblings at the school will join the House of their older brother or sister.

The four houses at Ashcroft are:


Head of House –

Deputy Head of House – Mrs S Lynch

HSA – Mrs L Porter


Head of House – Mrs R Paul

Deputy Head of House – Mr C Mitcherson

HSA – Mrs B Wacey


Head of House – Mr M Oughton

Deputy Head of House – Mrs K Anderson

HSA – Mr R Browne


Head of House – Mr C Stainsby

Deputy Head of House – Mrs E Atkins

HSA – Mrs K Porthouse


House Groups

In keeping with Ashcroft family values, students in Years 7-10 are placed in vertical house groups where they can benefit from the support, friendship and guidance gained by working with students of other ages.

During house time students are provided with activities that encourage them to think beyond their academic studies, including reflecting upon the thought for the week and completing activities that will help them ‘Stand Out from the Crowd’. In Year 11 students move into new house groups, this enables targeted support to be given to support their revision and help them prepare for transition to Post 16 education or training.

Inter-house Competitions

Each week the attendance, achievement points and behaviour of all students contribute to the inter-house competition.

Bonus points can be gained through participation in a wide variety of competitions and activities that are run across the school.

Some of the competitions planned for 2019-2020 include:

  • Photography
  • Design a computer game
  • Inter-house Debate
  • Inter-house Quiz
  • Scrabble
  • Inter-house sport events
  • Sports Day
  • Science Week

House Charities

As part of the Ashcroft family commitment to the community each house has chosen a local charity to support.

Over the course of the year a number of fundraising activities take place to raise both funds and awareness of these charities.

  1. Faraday - Luton and Dunstable Hospital Neonatal Unit
  2. Holmes - Autism Bedfordshire
  3. Rowling - Luton Food Bank
  4. Shackleton - Keech Hospice