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Parent communications

Parent communications

We communicate with parents most commonly through phone calls, text messages, letters, e-mails and the school’s virtual learning environment (VLE), known as Firefly. You will also have daily access to your child’s attendance, behaviour and academic progress records via Firefly.  This will eliminate the need for you to wait for a termly report on your child. There is also the school website: The Headteacher will publish her newsletter on the school website and we will write/e-mail to inform you of any events that may affect your child. It is therefore crucial that we have your up to date address, e-mail address, mobile number(s) and home number(s). 

In addition, the school shares interesting information with parents via Ashcroft Facebook account and Twitter account. These can be accessed at: and (@AshcroftHigh)

We expect you to attend parents’ evenings to discuss your child’s progress.

You will also be invited to Parents Focus group meetings with the Headteacher throughout the year. These meetings are an opportunity to share ideas for making Ashcroft an even more successful school over a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Communicating concerns

All concerns are taken seriously.  Never dismiss your concern as too trivial.  If you are worried about any aspect of your child’s education or general welfare, we want to hear from you.  Our aim is to work with you as partners in your child’s development.

If you have concerns relating to a specific subject, please contact the teacher directly.  Your next point of contact is the teacher’s Subject Leader.  The next point of contact is your child’s deputy head of house.

If you have concerns relating to any other issues, please contact your child’s house parent. Your next point of contact is your child’s House Support Assistant, (HSA).

E-mail is the preferred and most effective method of communication.

Ashcroft High School’s contact details are:

Telephone (Main Switchboard): 01582 436100

Post: Ashcroft High School, Crawley Green Road, Luton, LU2 9AG


An example of a teacher’s email address would be:  (first name initial and surname @