Ashcroft High



Students receive praise and encouragement from staff for good and outstanding effort and work, a positive attitude, and good progress in their lessons.

Students can also receive achievement points when they complete a good piece of work or do anything else positive that deserves praise.

This will include good attendance, punctuality, achieving additional external qualifications outside of school, making a positive contribution to house time and representing the house in inter-house competitions, representing the school at sport or in expressive arts subjects.

Subject-specific prizes are also awarded to Student of the Term, and for a range of other achievements.

These include:

  • SAM Learning for the most hours of revision and studies at home
  • GCSEPod Award for the highest number of hours spent on GCSEPod
  • Head of House Award
  • House Parent Award for Tutee of the Term
  • Ashcroft Family Award for ‘Kindness’
  • Growth Mind-set
  • Behaviour Star for zero behaviour points for the academic year
  • Attendance Star for 100% attendance for the academic year
  • Academic achievement award for meeting target grades in English and Maths

Positive postcards are also sent home to praise students for good work, effort and behaviour.