Ashcroft High



Starting secondary school can be daunting but we’re confident that once our students have been here for a few days, they’ll feel part of the Ashcroft family.

We make sure of this by giving them the best start possible through our transition programme which aims to provide new students with the opportunities to meet their new peers and teachers, get familiar with their surroundings, and experience life at Ashcroft, long before their first day.

Stage 1: Ashcroft in Action Afternoon

The start of March sees parents and our new students eagerly opening their offers to find out which secondary school they will be attending.

This is one of our favourite times of year because it is our first opportunity to meet all our new starters. Students offered a place at Ashcroft are invited in for an afternoon of fun activities with their future peers; while parents hear from our senior leaders and have a chance to ask questions.

Stage 2: Primary Visits

During the summer term, Ashcroft students and staff visit the primary schools to meet our new students and talk to them about their Ashcroft experience, answering any questions they may have.

Stage 3: Get Ashcroft Ready

Our new starters get Ashcroft ready with an afternoon of fun team building activities, providing another opportunity to get to know their peers and teachers before the Transition Days.

Stage 4: Transition Days

Our future Year 7s are invited back into their new school in July where they find out their form tutors, get to know their new teachers, and form further friendships through various activities.

Stage 5: Activity Booklets

Over the Summer Term, students have the opportunity to complete an All About Me Booklet which allows us to find out more about them, their interests and hobbies, what they might be worried about and what they might be looking forward to at secondary school. 

Over the Summer Holidays, students are asked to complete a Summer Challenges Booklet. This is an excellent opportunity to prepare them for their studies in September.

What our new starters have to say:

“I have enjoyed my first term at Ashcroft because the teachers and students have been so helpful and welcoming. We’re part of the Ashcroft family.”


“I have enjoyed meeting new teachers and making new friends. It is so different to primary school, in a good way! I am looking forward to all of the new opportunities such as Computer Science. Whatever happens next is bound to be amazing.”



“I have settled in well thanks to older students offering to help you when you were lost, teachers helping us to learn the Ashcroft values and lots of assemblies. I am looking forward to learning new topics, going on school trips and taking part in fun activities.”